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A regulated air flow in every corner of the room that makes you feels fresh and alive. The magic of Havells fans lightens your mood and adds to your comfort. The exclusive range of fans include pedestal fans, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, wall fans and table fans promising high quality and reliability. The Havells fans are made with long lasting materials and come in unique styles with different finishes including gloss, matte etc. These fans also add to aesthetics of your home.


Whats more, you can buy all of them with just a click on Havells shop, the online store that gives you the freedom to search and choose from different categories including multiple styles. Sit back and relax in the comfort of your homes, browse through the exquisite collection and buy fans online at the best price available.


Pedestal fan: A range of fans with powerful air throw that you can easily move from one place to the other in your homes, offices or anywhere else.


Exhaust fan: Say goodbye to odour and welcome fresh and healthy air with complete cross ventilation in your rooms. Choose Havells exhaust fans for a silent operation combined with modern looks.


Ceiling fan: Trendy and chic designs made to suit the aesthetics of your homes and offices combined with efficient operation and adjustable speeds. The range of Havells ceiling fans online includes premium underlight fans, decorative fans, special finish fans, energy saving fans and regular fans.


Wall fan: Best suited to places where a regulated air flow is required in a particular area, the Havells wall fans bring out the missing style element in homes, offices and more.


Table fan: Delivering the best spot circulation, Havells table fans are portable and can be kept stationary or oscillating.


Ceiling mounting fan: Fans suited to small places that cater to your location specific requirements.


Personal fan: Small in size, big in air throw. These fans take care of you with all their might a never let you feel hot.