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Pedestal Fans

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An easy way to beat the heat, the stand-up fans or pedestal fans sport a long rod attached to a steady pedestal. They are a versatile solution to accessing a good flow of air. Easy transferable from one place to another, they can be used outdoors and indoors, thus making them a cost effective and energy efficient alternative. A convenient appliance that requires no installation, they have an ergonomic design which gives them longer life and easy maintenance.


Making air circulation simple and easily accessible, the range of pedestal fans from Havells are equipped with unique features like remote control and timer, making the functioning of these fans appropriate for homes, clubs, restaurants, lobbies and any other place. Sturdy material with powerful air flow and the benefit of added castor wheels for easy mobility make them unique and useful.


Buy pedestal fans online on the Havells shop and make the most of technology sitting in the comfort of your homes. We assure you of the best price available online combined with reliability, efficient operation and long life. Ideal for the weather in India, you can consider them as the best buy. With speed and height control, they are by far the most adaptable range of fans available online.