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  • 1887 2550
Sweep size (mm)  
  1. 400 mm (10)
No. of blades  
  1. 3 (10)

Table Fans

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Sitting near you, on your table, this small looking appliance is your answer to the big change. Delivering the best spot circulation, the Havells table fans are your innovative solution to air circulation in the areas of your choice. Be it your home or office, a table fan functions as an effective appliance everywhere. Furthermore, these fans can be used stationary and oscillating, depending on your choice.


A small appliance that is portable and can be carried wherever you want, is not only suitable to closed spaces but also can be used in different locations such as terrace etc. The next time you sit in your balcony, say no to sweat and irritation with a Havells table fan. The usefulness of this appliance comes added with another great advantage. The different colors and designs available in our range add to the aesthetics of your homes by matching your furniture and giving your house a beautiful overall look.


The best place to end your search and buy table fan online is Havells shop. This online store from Havells lists all that you need to know about fans and comes with the added benefit of affordable prices and higher reliability.