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Baby Hair Clippers

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Havells baby hair Clipper is designed especially for kids, with parents in mind, to offer an easy and the best haircutting experience. For small kids, getting a haircut can be a difficult experience, both at the hairstylist as well as at home. The Baby Clipper makes kids feel at ease while providing extreme control to parents.

With particularly smooth-edged comb tips as well as blades, the Clipper will not cut your kid's skin. It is also noiseless, which is particularly essential when cutting around the ears.


Small and light in weight, the Havells Baby Hair Clipper is quite simple to operate and less exhausting for parents. You can select the Length setting attachment depending on the desired hair length 3mm- 6mm for small hair length and 9mm - 12mm for long hair length. After the length being selected, the comb locks to make sure a clean and smooth haircut. Also, the self-sharpening blades call for no oil or sharpening to maintain.


So, go online @ Havells Shop and provide the best grooming to your baby. Explore the baby hair clipper price and review and make a smart buy, today!