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Water Heaters

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There is nothing more perfect than a nice and warm bath in the morning. It certainly can be termed as the perfect start your day.  It not only rejuvenates, but also revitalizes your body and mind. A water heater is the ideal appliance for buying just about now. It definitely pays the price of waking up early on a lazy morning.


The water heater range of Havells offers you two broad categories to choose from.

Instant Water Heater: Want hot water immediately? Get an instant water heater. Use hot water whenever required without waiting. All you need to do is switch it on and you have hot water at your disposal.


Storage Water Heater: Have a big family and need a large quantity of hot water? Get a storage water heater. With this electric geyser, you are sorted for the entire day. Once heated, the water is stored in the tank and is ready to use whenever you want to use it.


Have a look at the electric water geyser prices range online on the Havells Shop, compare the features and select the one that suits your requirement the best. When you buy a geyser online, you not only get the best prices in India, but also draw along the Havells reliability and trust.